Saturday, July 18, 2009

American conspiracy around universal health care

What a bunch of hogwash! Blame Shona's physician, but not the health care system. My father's brain tumour was removed a month after diagnosis, and we live outside the city. He survived another five years. We have had nothing but excellent health care, yet disaster stories abound. We know mistakes are made, but it is not the system.

They are fear-mongering, using tragic stories, and giving this woman some media attention for her 15 minutes of fame. It is shameful.
First thoughts: Losing the message war? - USA
The only loud voices I'm hearing are the fruitcakes who have convinced senior citizens that health care reform is going to kill them. What a country.

I have been a peer health educator in Canada. Our system is proactive, as well as reactive. Wait times are getting better, despite many funding issues with people, like these Americans, who want to cut back, send troops overseas to bomb civilians, and send astronauts to the ISS, but not fund Health Care.

This is shameful to take one story and denigrate our entire health care system.

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