Monday, June 22, 2009

Where the women went

One of the thing many have been working towards is regulation of the health care industry. Personal Support workers are the front line workers.
They are the ones that do the caregiving: lifting, changing incontinence products, spoon feeding. For seniors with health concerns: mobility issues, incontinence, they are vulnerable to elder abuse.

They are known as "the Newfoundland Ladies" – a mostly underground network of women who, when the fishery industry that their families depended on for generations folded, began to export their services.

It is important that we access health care from reliable, trustworthy, well-trained professionals, not just homemakers, without insurance, who believe themselves experts in caring for your senior family member.

Comments by viewers:
' "Newfoundland ladies"? My experience was far from positive. In the beginning I thought they were the answer to our prayers but as time went by I found that the care provided by many of these individuals far from adequate. The details described by Anne from Winnipeg are very true. I know, I have lived it. Even going over the details of care, over and over again, trying to educate the "ladies" was exhausting. Not because they weren't capable of learning but rather because they are very determined to do things their way and only their way and were not shy about telling you so.'

This is why I truly believe we need to regulate health care workers.

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