Monday, June 15, 2009

New sites for Canadian seniors and families

There is a difference between Retirement Homes and Long-Term Care. The former is a for-profit residence in which a senior is in a landlord-tenant relationship. Long-Term Care has a higher level of nursing care, and more staffing. It is subsidized by the government, and is governed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Act.

I received an interesting e-mail from, a site with information on retirement homes:

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for writing a great blog about seniors' issues. A lot of your posts are uniquely rich. We write about some of the same issues at our site, and I would like to suggest that a link to our site would fit nicely under your roll of SELECT RESOURCES. features a wealth of materials for seniors and their families to help them decide on retirement home care, These include the following.

The article database includes numerous in-depth, original articles we have accumulated over the years, on subjects related to seniors and senior care. These include:

We've also written about concerns over seniors and driving.
Jim Huinink
Website Managing Editor

Such sites are springing up all over. I have written previously about checking out that a site
has value, and trusting what one reads. Check out the sponsors, and ensure that there is no conflict of interest. Ensure that the writers are accredited and have an education.

Health care professionals, as in other professions
rely on peer-reviewed, ethical, scientific journals, for current data to set standards, guide practices, and develop a dependable, reliable, valid and research-based treatment standards. These are the standards that should guide us. Conflict of interest is a risky business, as some pharmaceuticals seek to create infomercials that mislead those who are suffering.

Another new site, Losing Our Parents, is a non-profit site where folks can write about the pain of caring for and/or losing a parent. The research certainly indicates the therapeutic benefits of this kind of writing.

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