Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Health Care crimes & news

Swine Flu
It is amazing that viruses and superbugs exist everywhere: air, soil, toys, phones, coins, all handles (doors, shopping carts, in public and at home), and taps. Here is an Toronto, Ontario map of May 9, 2009, H1N1 incidents. Here is a WHO map of current stats.

Four Hospital Staff Workers in Toronto have H1N1
SourceL TheStar.com
Three of them work at Princess Margaret and contracted it from someone previously reported. They are 'mildly ill', but as previously written, they put frail seniors, and high-risk patients in an intolerable situation.

Source: well.blogs.nytimes.com
Canadian researchers studied 26 therapy dogs who visited patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities. They found that they passed on MRSAs on their coats.

The answer: handwashing, patient advocates, and better infection prevention. (see my poster below)

And a conviction:

Source: www.thestar.com
This is why groups like PSWCanada are fighting for better training, supervision, better staffing, and regulation. Bad apples that give all health care workers a bad name.

Supervision of ailing seniors:

Police search for missing Midland man - The Orillia Packet & Times ...
Mr. Desroches left a King Street health-care facility Friday morning, and failed to return that evening, then police were called. His body was found Monday afternoon in a wooded area. The 57-year old's death is not ruled suspicious, but they will do an autopsy, as he regularly visited local stores from his retirement home.

Retirement homes are regulated differently from Long-Term Care homes (formerly 'nursing homes' with few nurses). Residents of LTC fall under the LTC Act legislation, while residents of Retirement Homes are considered tenants, under the Landlord Tenant Act.

Seniors rally in Barrie to protest nursing homes costs
Source: Barrie Examiner: Posted By NICKI CRUICKSHANK
A month ago: 30 local seniors and members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) barged in an MPP's office.

What is interesting is that there is a difference between private (for profit) Retirement homes, and profit and non-profit LTC homes (where placements are paid for and/or subsized by the government). No one in Canada should be left on the street, but there is a difference between a senior with a chronic disease who needs less than a hospital placement and an Alternate Level of Care (i.e., nursing care in a Long-Term Care home) with a more precise level of care.

People misunderstand the difference, for example, in a private, for-profit business like Air Canada, that is NOT government run or subsidized. We have no rights to tell them how much to pay their staff, nor what they can charge us to fly with them.

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