Saturday, March 28, 2009

transfer payment agencies

I attended a great workshop day last weekend. Live~Love~Laugh It was a great event lauding the work, and reminding volunteers to care for themselves, while they expend time, love, energy in caring for others.

In actual fact, we depend a great deal on volunteers in health care and education: senior's support groups, Canadian Cancer Society, Alzheimer Society, hospice groups, Meals on Wheels, local (fundraising) Festivals,

Many, many transfer payment agencies (TPAs, such as: FYCSM, Victim Services, The Friends, LHIN) depend upon volunteers to support some of their work, and to sit on their board of directors.
TPAs funnel our tax dollars and account for funds through Mental Health, Health Care, for example, as they maintain an advisory and governing body to ensure that money is wisely spent. In my opinion, if they are paid, they are compromising, and may have conflict of interest. It is generally accepted that most board members are paid mileage, but not for their time.

Over the years: 2004 - 2008, the Public Health Agency of Canada managed transfer payment programs in excess of $5 million.

Health Care Costs
I read a blog post the other day, "this is why private health care costs more". I'm not sure I agree if this is why the costs are high. Greed and unregulated for-profit institutions, perhaps.

It reads in part,
"The facility is owned by a company called AgeCare and it receives money from Alberta taxpayers to provide long term care facilities in the province.

While AgeCare claims giving raises to employees earning $12.40 an hour would break it, it paid its co-owner, Dr. Kabir Jivraj, $910,000 in salary and bonus money last year. The board of directors pocketed $16 million."

I am very surprised. There must be ethical concerns here. I would be afraid for my family members, and myself, in these institutions.

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