Monday, March 16, 2009

Resources for seniors - video commentary

On Monday, March 16, 2009, I had an interview with CFRA Ottawa regarding my book. It will air Monday, March 23. The book can be ordered in by any bookstore, or check outGSPH, my publisher.

I taped myself in 3 parts:
  1. Why did I write the book?
  2. Book Content
  3. Resources available for seniors

1. Why did I write the book?
Living and Dying With Dignity covers what happens after the diagnosis. Many have written success stories, but how do you cope when cancer or a brain tumour returns, especially as a caregiver.
  • What are the things to watch for?
  • What questions do you ask of a physician?
  • What are your rights?
I want family members to know what to do.
I want seniors to be prepared with Power of Attorney.
I want everyone to tell each other just what they mean to one another, just like Carol O'Dell suggests.

This section speaks of resources available to seniors. The privacy act (FIPPA vs. PHIPA), delirium and dementia, family member's responsibilities, communication between agencies, LTC access, limited budgets, baskets of services.

2. Book Content: see the full: Table of Contents
Suggestions: seniors and family members; patient advocates, asking the right questions of family physicians, surgeons, and/or oncologists. Part memoir, research on senior's issues, recommendations for family members, agencies and government.

3. Commentary on Senior's Issues

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