Sunday, March 29, 2009

bed blockers

Alternate Level of Care (ALC - pdf file) patients, called 'bed blockers' act like ice jams, with patients unable to get into beds. Many are blogging about this. It will take dollars, and new spaces, or home support to ease the shortages.

Improved Home Care services may be the key, but abuses of such workers create a risk for the PSWs and Nannies, as much as Elder Abuse and neglect is a risk for seniors. Those without the money to pay for services (housekeeping, lawn cutting, snow removal, transportation to medical appointments) are at risk. It is those in poverty at the most risk of developing serious comorbidities.

Those who smoke, who have diabetes, or have addictions and mental health issues are in lower socioeconomic groups and are more likely to be hospitalized. Chronic disease impacts especially in later years.

For those without the money for preventative medical and dental care their problems are compounded.

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