Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adult Day Away Programs

What are they?
Adult Day Away Programs (ADAP) are offered in Ontario in various locations by various groups.
The programs have benefits for both the care giver and the care recipient. There are social and recreational activities delivered by trained workers. The purpose is to give some respite for those caring for seniors with cognitive disabilities or dementia.

I work part-time as a Peer Health Educator for The Friends, a non-profit Transfer Payment Agency in Parry Sound. They offer many services, one of which is an ADAP.

Where are they located?
They can be held in Legions, Community Centres, YMCAs, various locations in towns and cities across North America.

Many local groups offer these services, Lakehead, VON of Central Ontario, for example. The Alzheimer Society of Ottawa has a list of senior day care providers, check with your local Alzheimer Society for more information.

These program present opportunities for
  • companionship
  • peer relationships
  • assistance with ADL (snacks, toileting routines, lunch)
  • socialization
  • recreational activities - cards, games, woodworking
  • a safe, dependable routines
  • guest speakers
  • fun
  • fitness
In Canada this is a government-supported initiative, through the Provincial Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care.

Many of these groups offer transportation, as well, enabling caregivers to get some valuable respite from the demands of caring for others. Caregivers are at great risk for stress and this program provides the type of support that allows seniors to stay in their own homes longer.

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