Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ways to boost brain cells

I read a great article in Scientific American
It says that:
  • Scientists are finding that the adult human brain is far more malleable than they once thought. Your behavior and environment can cause substantial rewiring of your brain or a reorganization of its functions.
  • Studies have shown that exercise can improve the brain’s executive skills, which include planning, organizing and multitasking. What you eat can also influence how effectively your brain operates.
  • Activities such as listening to music, playing video games and meditating may boost cognitive performance as well.
This makes perfect sense. Just as we keep our body functioning as a well-tuned machine, keeping our brain tuned keeps it in better shape. As we retire and ease back on activities, we have to ensure that we use the brain.

The article says further that there is research to support treatment of Alzheimer's Disease with exercise (mental and physical), healthy eating, remaining socially and sexually active, helping others, and reading and writing. See Canada's Physical Activity Guide, in the health living section.

There are many resources available from the government. We know so much on preventing chronic disease. It all involves balancing physical, mental, and social activities and looking after your eating habits. It also means protecting yourself from infections, especially superbugs, getting adequate home care, avoiding polypharmacy and generally looking after your health.

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