Saturday, February 14, 2009

cardiovascular health awareness

I have been working on a part time contract helping with the cardiovascular awareness program (CHAP) in Muskoka. This work is sponsored, through government on Ontario grants, via McMaster University, UBC, √Člisabeth Bruy√®re Research Institute, ICES, TIPPS, and run by to-notch researchers.

Non-profit Transfer Payment Agencies across the province, i.e.,The Friends here in Muskoka, have been assigned the task of integrating an awareness of hypertension, risks for stroke, and the benefits of a healthy diet, along with the 3 types of exercise: aerobic, stretching, and strength.

A great site for individuals to monitor their health is here at the Resource Page for CHAP. Working with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and other non-profits, this page provides informtaion on Body Mass index, waist circumference, heart health - especially for women, stroke prevention, healthy eating guides, diabetes, smoking dependency, physical activity, stress, depression, as well as other links, i.e.,, senior's health issues, SHRTN and the Kidney Foundation.

There are on-line models to help you determine your BMI and other numerical values of the state of your health. It is government sponsored, your tax dollars at work. There are NO ADVERTISEMENTS, unlike many of the senior's sites I have complained about in a previous post, the senior's market! Canadians must be aware of the source of information for websites, since rules & regulations and different laws apply in the two countries.

Visit CHAP Resources for a ton of resources.

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