Monday, November 22, 2010

Best Practices BLogger

I have found, at least I continue to follow a marvellous resource called Best Practices (BP) Blogger Newsletter. The full list or simple, succinct, 2-page resource pages can be found here: BP Blogger.

Mary-Lou van der Horst is the writer, and these publications really helped me to advocate for my father when he was in LTC. The ones I would recommend reading for family members of seniors would be: Medications and Delirium. I think it important to understand the difference between dementia and delirium, and I used the information found in these newsletters in my book. Much is misunderstood around these concerns. Many health care professionals cannot or do not help us diagnose and treat delirium, and many with dementia go undiagnosed since those with this symptom can fool the best of us!

Otherwise, for caregivers or Substitute Decision Makers, you are wise to read all you can. Much information is provided, in a simple format, that helps you understand questions to as of health care practitioners. In addition, as I was taught in the Palliative Care Certificate course I am taking, there is no reason in this world for Canadians to be in pain.

Finally, hygiene. With many visitors in and out of your home the importance of cleaning your hands cannot be emphasized enough. Within a family, you build up immunities to some bacteria, but as any parent with a child in day care knows, you are at a high risk of infections when people gather indoors. If a senior goes into hospital for treatment, you risk bringing home some incredible bugs. You can read more on my Superbugs post!

These newsletters cover a wide range of issues:
  • April/May 2010 - Stroke Part 1: PDF
  • January/February 2010 - Communication Issues: PDF
  • September/October 2009 - Wound Care: PDF
  • May 2009 - Sleep Care: PDF
  • February 2009 - Dementia: PDF
  • Sept. - Oct. 2008 - Heart Failure: PDF
  • June-August2008 - Medications: The Right Dosing: PDF
  • April / May 2008 - Delirium: PDF
  • February / March 2008 - Bowels: PDF
  • January 2008 - Bones: PDF
  • November/ December 2007 - Wandering: PDF
  • October 2007 - Medication: PDF
  • September 2007 - Hand Hygiene: PDF
  • July-August 2007 - Swallowing: PDF
  • June 2007 - Fluids: PDF
  • May 2007 - Skin Care: PDF
  • April 2007 - Mouth Care: PDF
  • February 2007 - Sleep: PDF
  • January 2007 - Pain: PDF

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