Thursday, January 8, 2009

Geriatric Service Delivery

NEW - Handbook on Specialized Geriatric Service Delivery
The Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario are pleased to announce the release of the new handbook Organization Design for Geriatrics: An Evidence Based Approach

This 129-page report recommends various things:

  • efficiency, accountability, support for independent living, preventing inappropriate institutionalization,

and cites many concerns:

  • recruitment and retainment of health care professionals
  • health care budgts
  • hospital beds
  • gaps in home care
  • lack of community care services
  • lack of diagnostic machines and tests
  • improving treatment outcomes.

This handbook is a guide for administrators, managers, planners of geriatric programs.

I recommends standards from evidence-based research, in which many gaps exist. says,

"Frail seniors are unique because the complexities of their clinical presentations in primary care are such that optimal care requires knowledge in many key geriatric care issues such as dementia, falls, incontinence, delirium, polypharmacy; interprofessional teamwork and interorganizational collaboration."

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