Thursday, November 20, 2008


My friend, in Long-Term Care, is a paraplegic. She has spinal stenosis. She cannot move her legs, and has tremours in her arms. She is in constant pain.

Currently, she is being transferred from her bed to her wheelchair, in order for her to get to the dining room, three times a day. While there are several methods of transferring patients, they ALL give her pain. PSW Canada offers several means by which a resident can move, but with limited arm mobility, and much pain, she finds it intolerable on some days to be moved. Her weekly bath days give her grief, and she cringes when speaking of them to me.

I wonder if there are other means to transfer her in this situation? She needs a complex continuing care facility,

Toronto Rehab Centre
√Člisabeth Bruy√®re Residence
but this doesn't appear to be an option here in Cottage Country.

In Ontario there are a great many seniors in hospitals who need to be discharged to Long-Term Care (LTC). Unfortunately, this frail and ill seniors need more nursing care than in available in LTC. The Advocacy Centre for the Elderly has published some info. In an article, Seniors are not Bedblockers, they explain how difficult it is to

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