Friday, August 22, 2008

Acronyms related to aging

Acronyms--Senior Care

ADL Activities of Daily Living

ADP Assistive Devices Program

ALC Alternate Level of Care (hospital designation)

CAT Scan
CT Scan Computerized Axial Tomography (takes x-rays of the brain)

CCAC Community Care Access Center

CCC Complex Continuing Care

CHC Community Health Centres

ED Emergency Department

ER Emergency Room

FHT Family Health Team (now mandated across the province in Ontario)

FIPPA Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

HHR Human Health Resources

HSP Health Service Plan

IHSP Integrated Health Service Plan

IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

ICE Isolated Community Experience (to serve seniors in rural areas)

IGS Integrated Geriatric Systems

LHIN Local Health Integration Network

LTC Long-Term Care

MIS Management Information System

MLAA Ministry LHIN Articulation Agreement (data collection)

MOHLTC Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (Ontario)

MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Scan uses a magnet and radio waves to take pictures of the brain. It provides more detail than a CAT scan.)

NSM North Simcoe Muskoka

OCSA Ontario Community Support Association

PACE Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

PASD Personal Services Assistance Device

PEC Public Education Coordinator

PHIPA Personal Health Information Protection Act

PRC Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant

PSW Personal Support Worker

RAI Resident Assessment Instrument (used in home care and palliative care)

RGP Regional Geriatric Program

RISC Regional Integrated Senior Centre

SGS Specialized Geriatric Services

TPO Transfer Payment Organization (governments have been outsourcing health care to various agencies, transferring money to them. They are governed by boards of directors.)

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