Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portraits of Home Care Report

CHCA releases Portraits of Home Care 2008
>Tue 24 Jun 2008
>Dateline: OTTAWA, June 24

Interesting report. Not exactly an unbiased Board of Directors, though! It's a government report that costs $200! They say we have 900,000 people who get home care in Canada. We knew that, didn't we?

It seems to be a report advocating for more Federal involvement, rather than more LHIN control over regional needs anc concerns.

I found working on Aging at Home that such folks, i.e. LHIN employees, were conservative followers of Ministry policy. What we need are health care practitioners prepared to push the envelope and make home care work for us.

We do not evalulate as assess frail seniors enough. GPs need to pass on frail seniors to geriatricians (although those are the lowest paid physicians with the most complex cases involving polypharmacy, multipe health issues and comorbidities!) FHT do not seem to be doing their jobs in prevention. We are short-staffed. Every week our local rag advertises for RNs and PSWs. We do not provide enough resources. Telehealth in Ontario tells folks to go to emergency.

I question the report. On p. 20 of the executive summary (I can’t afford to buy the entire report!) says that MOHLTC is going to fund End-of-Life care by 2007/8.

Where has that happened? I was unaware of hospice associations that might provide me with moral support living 415 km away from my husband and adult children in order to provide support to my parents. My brother sat alone with my mother the morning she died after being sent home from the Emergency room. He had no idea how to cope, what to do, nor what to expect. The CCAC did not recommend even support services, let alone be able to afford to provide them. My mother refused to admit she was dying. When that happens they are helpless to intervene as they do not assess cognitive processes nor the needs of the family members for support. CCAC sent a caregiver for 4 hours a day. I was not given information on life expectancy nor signs of death. I did not know what to expect and we did not realize how close to death she was. I sat alone with my father in LTC when he died. The PSWs popped in hourly.

This report provides no new news. It is an ongoing situation that will worsen with tightened budgets and taxpayers who are not inclined to help pay for increased social services with increased taxation. It is an untenable position as taxpayers clamour for more care and yet demand lower taxes. These are people with decent pensions but no sense of the cost of doing business in this day and age.

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