Sunday, June 1, 2008

Entering Long Term Care

To pack for LTC
He needed his toiletries, a housecoat, slippers, a pair of running shoes, four pair of pajamas, and six changes of clothes, i.e. six undershirts, six shirts, six pair of pants or jogging suits. All of these places offer laundry services and this was all that would be need. Also, a sun hat, a winter hat, and a couple of sweaters, and a seasonal coat.

Gifts for those in LTC
The literature suggests that appropriate gifts include toiletries, greeting cards, costume jewelry, washable housecoats or sweaters, non-slip slippers, jogging suits, leg warmers, candies, fruit or cookies in containers. Bringing them recent newspapers, photos of home and the ‘old days’, a thermos of tea to share, and talk about the old days were called for and quite welcomed.

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