Thursday, February 28, 2008

boethics of health care

Middle and old age is a time when the body begins to break down and medical issues arise that confound an individual who is used to good health. Breslin, et al., (2005) stated the top 10 ethical issues that confound health care in Canada:
1. Disagreement between patients/families and health care professionals about treatment
2. Waiting lists
3. Access to needed health care resources for the aged, chronically ill and mentally ill
4. Shortage of family physician or primary care teams both rural and urban
5. Medical error
6. Withholding/withdrawing life sustaining treatment in the context of terminal or serious illness
7. Achieving informed consent
8. Ethical issues related to subject participation in research
9. Substitute decision-making
10. The ethics of surgical innovation and incorporating new technologies for patient care.

source: Breslin, J. M., MacRae, S. K., Bell, J., & Singer, P.A. (2005). Top 10 health care ethics challenges facing the public: views of Toronto bioethicists. BioMed Central Limited, 6, 5. Retrieved February 28, 2008, from

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