Monday, February 25, 2008


ADL: Activities of Daily Living:

To differentiate these from IADL: These activities must be performed in a timely fashion.
• Bathing
• Grooming
• Dressing (and undressing)
• Eating
• Transferring from bed to (wheel)chair, and back
• Mobility
• Bladder and bowel control
• Pain management

Independent Activities of Daily Living (Necessary for independence)

These activities are less immediate, but the inability of a senior to complete these tasks indicates that their quality of life is at risk. If one cannot complete some of these activities then a senior is at a predictable risk for future health issues. The biggest predictor, however, is an empty refrigerator.

• Care of others (including selecting and supervising caregivers)
• Care of pets
• Child rearing
• Communication devices, i.e., Telephone
• Financial management
• Health management and maintenance: Medication management, getting Rx
• Housework: Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, putting out garbage
• Meal preparation and cleanup
• Transportation: Community mobility, shopping: food & clothes
• Safety procedures and emergency responses

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