Sunday, February 11, 2007

Brain Tumour Symptoms

Intracranial Pressure: Symptoms
The CCS research had told me that one result of the brain tumour was intercranial pressure (ICP). These were the symptoms of this. I know that dad had shown these symptoms over the course of the past eleven months, since his tumour was rediagnosed.
1. Headache – often occurring early in the morning and made worse by coughing, bending or straining
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Dizziness
5. Vision problems
6. Difficulty speaking
7. Confusion
8. Restlessness
9. Drowsiness and decreased consciousness
10. Trouble with coordination
11. Loss of muscle strength
12. Loss of the ability to move a body part (paralysis)
13. Seizure
14. Coma

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