Sunday, September 24, 2006

The White Board

When Dad was in the Manor we often wrote things down for him, since he could not hear us. It became humorous as he would reread notes previously dealt with and would forget that we had moved on with the conversation. I should have taken the scraps of paper and filed them. We have to scrawl over the old notes so as not to confuse him during our written conversations.

Brian’s brilliant idea is to put a small white board in Dad’s room. This way he can write down what it is he wants to communicate to Dad and Dad can respond orally. I have heard other families use this method. It really works well, since one simply erases the message to write the next one. Unfortunately, Dad is not quite clear on some concepts. After a time he lost enough of his cognitive abilities that it became useless and then he lost the pen. Back to the drawing board and square one.

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