Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Time for a Wheelchair

The rules of the Long-Term Care home say that whenever there is a significant incident they must phone the family. I had gotten over the phone calls form Dad. My stomach no longer churned into knots at the ring. It turns out that Dad has fallen again. I had to explain that he has fallen five times in two days in the past while and that it is to be expected. He balance is off and his strength is going. There is little we can do. Unfortunately, he continues to try and get up in the night. He either refuses or does not know to push the call button to get help. He gets out of bed and then falls on the floor. The staff wisely put his bed down as low as it can go and place two mats on the floor. Eventually, he will not be able to raise himself out of the bed. In the meantime, this assuaged all of our concerns.

It is now time for a wheelchair. Brian and I cannot support him enough to help him move about. His balance has disappeared. We must find one somewhere. There are places that rent them, which is what we shall do since we don’t know how much time Dad will be with us. Since he is slumping over so much I worry about him. He seems to lose his balance just sitting and falls over to the side. He has been using the nursing home’s wheelchair but he still has the walker that clutters the room. There is little enough space with the pads they have on the floor. I find it difficult remembering what I need to do for Dad. I make non-mental notes for a frame of reference. I cannot focus much of the time. This is the difficulty balancing home, my husband and adult children, work and Dad’s care.

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