Monday, July 24, 2006

Ears and other bodily functions

Another visit in to see a sleepy Dad. He just does not want to do anything. We respect this. I find his glasses for him and helped him get dressed. By now staff are letting him sleep in until after everyone else had eaten. They bring him a muffin and coffee and juice on a tray. They do not have the staff for such personal care but they kept it up for a time.

Dad calls his room his ‘home’. He will tell me that he wanted to go home if he is in the hall. His stomach is giving him problems, too. He tells me he is, “Grindey in his stomach”. He made it to supper alone some days, and after a meal he feel better. The doctor had been in to see him. Dad wouldn’t speak to the doctor since he hadn’t seen him since Mom had died in May. Dad’s GP is ill himself but no amount of talking can convince dad of that. He is merciless. Dad has infections in both of his ears, his prostate and a urine infection. No wonder he had to urinate constantly. He wanted the pee bottle, rather than going the four feet from his bed to his bathroom. I cannot understand how he can get this ill. I guess the infection he had had last month had not been cleared up.

We ended up putting oil in his ears weekly and washing them out with a syringe and bulb. He is on more meds than I can keep track of. I am so glad I do not have to worry about it. He and Mom are always careful about taking meds at night at exactly 8:00 o’clock. This is still an issue, but not for long.

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